Compassionate Retail

Putting People over Profits

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What is Compassionate Retail?

Compassionate Retail is when we help create fulfillment for our customers when they purchase products from us.  In other words, we partner with local non-profit organizations to donate a portion of every sale that is made.  We want our customers to not just shop with us, but feel a sense of fulfillment when they do!

Heart for Philanthropy

We believe in loving our neighbor and treating everyone with kindness, compassion, and grace.  As a faith based company, we follow the second greatest commandment given by Jesus Christ and that's to love our neighbor as we love ourselves!  This is at the heart of Legacy Uniforms!

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Mom's House

We've partnered with local non-profit organization Mom's House located in Phoenxiville, PA.  Mom's House provides free childcare to single parents so that they can go to school full-time. In addition to providing childcare, Mom's House also provides nutritious meals, clothing, diapers and prepares toddlers for preschool.  For more information, please visit